About David R J Sealey

David R J Sealey is many things, at least one of which is a writer. He writes fiction, poetry and reviews and his debut novel, “The Internet of Things” is out now!

He won a Royal Television Society Regional Award in 2010 for writing on the 5 x 5 miniseries “Liquid Soap”, and has been published in the Neon Highway and erbacce poetry journals. He also spent two years as a staff writer for roadburn.com under his previous pen name, Dave E Destruction and covered music for tmrw magazine.

David also creates podcasts, including the HSJ Award shortlisted Somerset Emotional Wellbeing podcast and he is both co-creator and co-host of the music review show, Three Men in a Podcast. Check them out free now!

Email: davidrjsealey@live.co.uk

Twitter: @davidrjsealey



15 thoughts on “About David R J Sealey

  1. Enjoying your wonderful work! Also, thank you for the follow, hope you’re enjoying my “Confessions” Love & Blessings amie


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