A Man. A Plan. A Canal: Panama

Hello! Welcome, welcome, come in. It’s nice to see you. You can leave your shoes on, don’t worry, I’ll take your coat. It’s horrible out there, isn’t it? Well you’re here now anyway; you made it. Let me take you on the tour. This way; watch out for the step into the… oh dear, are you ok? What do you mean, why do I own an ironing board? And a coffee table? Don’t you? Anyway, this is the lounge, we just redecorated. Can I get you something to drink?

The preceding paragraph is a demonstration paragraph, brought to you by the Swedish Modular Furniture Company, and is used to illustrate the manner in which the author (being me) would welcome you (being you) into his home. Note that his tone is chipper and warm; perhaps you feel as though you have returned home after many years at sea, or that this man would make a good father-figure. Perhaps you know a guy just like him. Continue reading