You’d Need a License Anyway


Press keys to appease your employer,

tap tap tap like a rat for your tea,

maximising and minimising windows,

it’s important your colleagues don’t see.

Twitch-clicking becomes instinctive,

a spasm that covers your tracks

so that you can read the BBC website

or look at amusing pictures of cats.


Stand up, sit down,

it’s your own choice.


That’s right, I might surf incognito

with a polyester seat at my back,

smuggling time like a cyberspace pirate,

exchanging minutes of my life for cash,

but doing it in style, on my own terms…

Yeah right, how pathetic is that?

Writing rubbish like this for my sanity,

lamely rebelling for fear I might crack.


Stand up, sit down.

it’s your own choice,

but get your work done,

don’t eat a shotgun.


HA HA HA! Have you seen that meme?

HO HO HO! Look at my screen!

HA HA HA! See what I bought!

HO HO HO! Isn’t life short?


Tap tap tap, like a dancing bear,

don’t you know that nobody cares?

Don’t you know we’re all the same?

Don’t you know that this is no game?

Don’t you know you’re just a name?

Don’t you know we built this cage?

Don’t you know we made this maze?

Tap tap tap, suppress your rage.


Stand up, sit down,

it’s your own choice,

but get your work done,

don’t eat a shotgun.


Of course you’re bored,

it’s fucking boring!

Of course you’re bored,

at least you’re not dead.



One thought on “You’d Need a License Anyway

  1. Do NOT eat what is mentioned twice, and in the tags. There are many more tastier things on which to dine, some that you have never tried, but unlike messy shot guns, if you like them, you can try then again.

    Have you already traveled every where that you care to travel? Hiked all of the back trails? Taken in all of the scenery? Danced all the dances? Loved your sweet-heart as much as possible? Shared laughter with children?

    Do it all while you are young and able. 🙂 Don’t put off all of the fun stuff until you have time and can afford luxuries. Fun is great when you’re old, but it is even MORE fun when you are young enough to really enjoy the experience.

    Of course this poem might have been just a rat race piece, but the tags suggest otherwise. And it is the first I have read of your work, hence this reply.


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