Inhale, You’re the Victim


Inhale, You’re the Victim

by David R J Sealey


I watch your chest, rising and falling,

I’m not afraid but I am young

and I’ve gone away, but not from you,

please open your eyes, see this through.

You’re old, but not old enough,

are you happy inside, or welling up?

And all you felt and all you knew,

is that all that there was to you?


I long to leave and take you home,

to bury our heads back in the sand,

and when the hand hits five o’clock

we can watch Come Dine With Me.

There aren’t enough hours in the day

and we cannot see above the spray

that we’re balanced atop a tsunami,

roaring towards our destiny.




Where is our home again?

Is it where we used to guess

who would win and who’d get fired?

It would be nice not to feel tired,

to drift away in a midnight calm,

to wake up without an alarm,

hoist my main sail in the breeze

and sail away, far away from harm.




12 thoughts on “Inhale, You’re the Victim

  1. Waking up without an alarm is nice, mostly. Sometimes, though, I feel I function better with its rigidity there. Love “And all you felt and all you knew,/
    is that all that there was to you?” Very musical here with the rhyme schemes (I don’t suppose you know Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”; that’s what the quoted lines reminded me of, just a little). The narrator’s love for the ailing (dying?) character is very touching and spot-on for a sort of dirge or lament. Good work!


    • Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for your comment! This piece is actually a chapter from my new novel “Sail Away”, written by the main character to his mother who is in a coma. It directly references and parallels “Breathe” and “Breathe Reprise” from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. He writes it, listening to that album on a long car journey home with his uncle from his mother’s bedside. Don’t worry, there are loads of funny bits too though! 🙂


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