The Visitor

The Visitor

by David R J Sealey


Slumbering, peaceful, a leg sticks out,

a foot upturned to reveal a sole

soft and clean, unblemished,

begging to be devoured…


Great tangled webs of drool dangle down

to drown flies flitting amidst fetid strands

and touch, at last, the virgin flesh

that flickers quickly back beneath covers

subconsciously protecting it’s dignity,

subcutaneously shivering the threat

watching silently over the bed sheets

longing to taste what lays beneath.


A sliver of light slides slight over shades

illuminating pop posters a ghastly glow;

a shape shifts slowly, lit in the twilight,

diffuse as a storm cloud lost in the night

arched over the bedstead ready to strike,

before a flash of teeth fit for a shark bite

and gnash madly together, a vulgar display,

that rends apart nothing but thin black air…


Where did they go?



Under the stars,

under the stairs,

thundering hearts

betray us…


It tore through the hallways,

it sniffed at the study,

it clattered the saucepans,

and shattered the chairs,

it tapped at the windows

and slammed at the doors,

it left trails on the carpets

like an army of slugs,


it didn’t find us


tucked up in the cupboard

praying for dawn

before tip-toeing barefoot

out onto the lawn.



I’m In Love With A Dead Scene

This dropped through my door today:


I used to work with Olly Walter, guitarist supreme with new rock legends “The Family Rain” in Urban Outfitters in Bath, UK.

The artwork is awesome, the sounds sublime, if you haven’t heard this record, get on it!

“The Family Rain” are taking over this year, ya hear? 🙂

Do You Desk?

Do You Desk?


Working barely, brain begins to seize,

serving almost adequately, aching to please

perching cleverly cautious, creating files

feeling downward dumb difficult riles

rousing feverish foolish forgotten dreams

dreaming easily, earnestly, employing seams

seeming golden, glittering great ambition

ambling homeward, healing hurt volition.

Guess who’s back?

Sorry I’ve been away, Christmas took me over temporarily like a festive bodysnatcher, the big merry bastard!

“Sail Away” is going well, I would love to put more up here for your perusal but I don’t want to give my whole soul away for free… we’ll wait and see 😉

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony is on TV and I feel as though I have just fallen down the rabbit hole into a parallel world where Vladimir Putin has been replaced by the Mad Hatter. Bonkers, but par for the course.

There’s new poetry coming up next on the real Channel Dave just in time for Valentine’s Day so sit back, relax, and get your verse on…